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Bedlam Books

a manuscript assessment service

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my work for assessment?

Electronic copies of work in a .doc format should be emailed to

If you are posting a hard copy, please ensure the text is in a simple font such as Times New Roman or Courier in 12 point type, double spaced, on A4 pages and printed on one side of the page only. A self-addressed envelope that has sufficient postage for return of your ms and our report should also be supplied. We recommend you use Australia Post Express Post envelopes and satchels, as they provide a secure, fast service. Remember to send a copy of your manuscript, not the original. Even the most secure mailing system has been known to send envelopes astray from time to time!

How long will it take for you to assess my manuscript?

As we are a very small business, manuscripts generally take between six and eight weeks for assessment, depending on our workload. Please email us before submitting so we can advise you of the approximate turn-around time for your work.

Can I use your report in my book proposal or cv and will you write me a letter of recommendation?

Our reports are the copyright of Bedlam Books and are not authorised for any purpose other than our stated aim of helping the writer to improve their craft. In any case, assessor’s reports only serve to tell a publisher how the manuscript was viewed by a person outside their organisation or how it came to arrive at its final draft. Publishers seldom read or take heed of letters of recommendation or extracts of assessors’ reports. Where they do, they never base their publishing decisions on them. In fact, some publishers are particularly antagonistic to assessor’s reports, so it’s best not to include them in proposals or cvs even where you have permission to reproduce them.

Can I phone or visit you regarding your assessment?

We do not offer face to face or telephone assessments. All our reports are made in hard copy and posted to your return address. Verbal feedback on manuscripts is only provided in exceptional circumstances.

Will you contact a publisher or agent for me?

No. While we do have some contacts in the industry, the primary aim of our service is to help you improve your writing, so we will not contact publishers or agents on your behalf.

I’m a new writer, and I’ve written the best novel ever. What sort of assessment should I choose?

At Bedlam Books, we understand how exciting it is to complete a manuscript. The hard work is over, and it’s now up to the publishers to start a bidding war to see who gets the opportunity to publish it, right? Sorry, wrong! The hard work of reviewing and rewriting is just beginning.

To help you through this process, we have developed a range of manuscript assessment services to suit most writers. For new writers, for example those who have limited writing experience or no publication credits, we recommend our intensive assessments.

More experienced writers on the other hand, or those whose work we have previously assessed, would perhaps benefit from our standard assessment. For details of the different types of assessment we offer, click here.